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Diameter40mm ± 1mm
Size (Length)102mm ± 2mm
Weight60g ± 3g

TpyeProjectile, Spin stabilized foam baton
Projectile materialFoam Rubber nose with ABS baae
Projectile weight36g(40g Max)
Cartridge materialReinforced Plastic
Maximum Range50m
Effective Range30m
Shelf life5 years from date of maunfacture


    The DK-40F Foam Cartridge is designed to be direct fired at violent subjects.

    It can be effective in disarming and disabling subjects who may be a danger to themselves.

    The can also be used in crowd control situations for distributes the impact force over a wide area.

    The foam rubber nose of the projectile distributes the impact force over a wide area.

    The projectile is spin stabilized for increased accuracy.



    M203 or 40mm anti-riot gun



   Serious injury or death may occur if fired directly at subjects at very close ranges.